Contemporary Christian Recording Artist | Music Producer | Worship Minister | Preacher | Trainer | Author


Renewal of mind is the heart of God pleasing worship. VJ’s call is to gather the worshipers of God for an intimate worship that bonds them with Christ the Restorer of the beauty of life. Here spiritual songs and messages with anointed resonance of music help people to flee from deceptions and focus on Christ the True Savior of souls. VJ has three decades of experience as a Musician in secular and Christian fields and nearly fifteen years as a Church Planter, Worship School Teacher, Prophetic Worship Minister, Author, Conference Preacher and Contemporary Christian Artist. He has travelled world-wide to many middle- eastern nations, Singapore, S.Africa, Israel, US and Canada. VJ’s passion is to portray the Glorious revelation of Christ with Holy Spirit, power and deep conviction to heal the broken hearts and liberate the captives to make them perfect in Christ.